About us

About us


Technology is our best friend at Tru-Herb, and it enables us to build transparency and traceability into our production and supply chain processes. Regular and thorough testing of the soil and water on our farms (with a special focus on heavy metal content), as well as internal auditing via farm inspections and adulteration control underlines our deep commitment to traceability. Our organic products have been certified NOP and NPOP by independent laboratories.


Using Smart-Farm technology allows us to control every variable in the production process and also helps in pro-active crop and weather monitoring. With highly regimented and consistent production process in place, we are able focus on constantly innovating new applications of products and identifying herbs with new market potential. By paying close attention to consumer trends, we are able to develop and supply pioneering products and applications to our trusted partners around the world.

People Centric

Our biggest strengths are the decades-old partnerships that we have forged around the world, along with the newer ones we’re building every year. From our farmers to customers, we have always believed in building long term relationships based on trust and dependability. We regularly go beyond our commercial obligations to our partners in helping them when they need it the most. The dividends we receive from our human connections are what drive us the most.

Farmer Support

We at Tru-Herb are a Farmer First company. Our dedication to organic farming and sustainability starts with our farmers. We provide our new farmers with seedlings and other organic inputs along with financial assistance to enable their transition to organic farming. We supplement this by providing technical expertise on organic agricultural practices for maximum yield and quality, including the package of practice for each crop. Our personal commitment to sustainability means that we stringently implement water management techniques and generate most of the organic inputs like compost on the farms directly.