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Tru Herb is a global supplier and distributor of raw materials and products used in various industries ranging from Nutraceutical, Cosmetics, Functional Food & Beverages, Sports Nutrition, and Animal Nutrition. Tru Herb has a strong ecosystem coupled with technology-enabled processes and solutions to provide customers with a seamless experience of importing and exporting commodities across the globe.

All our products are compliant to global standards and our partnered manufacturing facilities are certified to match global standards. We adhere to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Union (EU), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations and guidelines.
We are committed to delivering high-quality raw materials and we understand the value of consistency in the business of raw material supply.

Our Mission
To provide high-quality raw materials and exceptional service to our customers while working closely with them to understand their business needs. We are committed to complying with global standards of quality and ensuring the success of our customers.
Our Vision
To be the globally preferred partner for buying and selling of raw materials. Our team is committed to improving our process of selling, adding value to our products, and improving the efficiency of the raw materials.
Core Competency
As a company, we strive to achieve the following:
  • Recognize our role as trusted advisors. Take the time to listen and respond to customers.
  • We provide high-quality products every time and for every customer at an outstanding value.
  • Our carefully selected global partners expand our reach, improve our supply chain and provide better customer service worldwide.
  • We constantly work towards innovating new products and improving the quality of the existing product lines.
  • We are selective and careful in our choice of partners for manufacturing units.
Taste the difference
We offer tailor made solutions which encompass the entire process of merchandising, storing, cleaning, sorting, packaging, labeling, and international execution of the trade.
Our specialties include:
  • A deep understanding of various agricultural commodities.
  • Quick response to quotation and product sample requests.
  • Stringent quality control processes for all stages of sourcing, cleaning, and packaging to ensure food safety.
  • Customized packaging and on-time delivery across the globe.
  • Strict adherence to all specifications provided by the customer.
  • Regular interactions with customers through a well-designed marketing network.
  • Highly competitive prices for direct users, traders, and sale by tenders.
  • Option for direct shipment of products to the customer.
Why our customers keep coming back to us
TR International Strong


TR International is backed by the TR Group which has been in the business of commodities trading in India for more than 60 years. With an annual turnover of more than 100 crores and a strong network of farmers, traders, and dealers our parent company has ensured a jumpstart for us in the marketplace.
TR International Stringent

Standards for Food Safety

We work closely with the highest quality suppliers from around the world to deliver materials that match the high standards that our customers expect from us. Our in-house Quality Control Department ensures that these quality standards are adhered to always.
TR International Unique

value proposition

When you select us as your partner, you benefit from our strength in the market, our know-how in shipping and logistics, and our promise of quality. We deliver along every step of the way.

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